The way we operate

The BPB is a young company that operates in compliance and confidentiality of data and information acquired. Throughout the research process, we keep in contact with both candidates with clients to the state of progress of research updates. During the trial period, if the candidate does not be eligible to hold the office assigned, BPB redials at no extra cost. The compensation is almost totally linked to the attainment of the objective.

Search and Selection

Needs analysis of the company (profile of the candidate and the position)
It starts with an analysis on the figure to be sought in relation to the role, tasks, skills / experience and personal characteristics.
We assess whether the possible organizational structure within which the candidate will have to operate. This analysis allows us to define the ideal profile (both professional and personal) of the candidate in relation to the activities to be performed to meet the customer’s needs.

Mode of candidates search.

Research from our data base: In our computerized archive profiles are divided by region, role and commodity sector. The consultation of our data-based company (constantly updated) allows us to operate with great promptness.
Search by ad: Ad Publishing of newspapers and spread both nationally and regionally.
Research WEB: The agreements formulated with leading portals specialized in online research allow us to serve ads and / or consultation of databases. This tool allows us to obtain results in very short time.

Selection Interviews

Information Interview: Based on all submitted and examined responses are summoned to BPB, for a first cognitive interview, all pre-selected candidates, in order to check and complete both a personal profile and professional.
Theme Interview: A further selection leading to the convening of the most interesting candidates for interview aimed at deepening professional training, technical knowledge and experience to understand whether the candidate possesses the characteristics to perform the intended task.
Interview psicoattitudinale: The final stage of the selection supported by our psychologist, is based on the assessment of personality structure, the aspects of character and aptitude of the candidates, through the administration of aptitude tests and / or personality and individual interviews and / or group .
Presentation to the customer: The selection ends with an individual report for each candidate which is presented to the customer for the final interview.
Clients can also have all the personal data on the candidate, his professional career as well as an assessment of the skills, personality, motivations and attitudes.